Midnight Mabriga Siberians.

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Category II SIB Siberian Cat Standard
General Size medium to large, females mostly smaller than males
Head Shape a little bit longer than broad, softly rounded, massive
Forehead broad, just slightly rounded
Cheeks cheekbones well developed, high set
Nose medium length, broad, in profile shows a slight indentation, but without stop
Chin slightly slanting back, in profile creating a curve from the upper line of the nose
Ears Shape medium size, well open at the base, tips are rounded with well-developed hairs inside and tufts
Placement with good width between, tilting slightly forward
Eyes Shape large, slightly oval shaped. A bit oblique, set widely apart
Colour uniform, any colour is permitted, but preference is given to green
Body Structure well boned and muscled, powerful neck, broad chest, body in proportion to create a rectangular appearance
Legs   medium high, to form a rectangle with the body, strong
Paws large, round, well tufted between toes
Tail   long, thick, rounded tip
covered on all sides by dense hair with no hairs trailing down
Coat Structure semi-long, well developed, very dense, undercoat not lying flat, overcoat water repellent, slightly hard to touch
summer coat is distinctly shorter than the winter coat
the winter coat shows a well-developed shirtfront, full frill and knickerbockers
Colour all colour varieties are permitted, including all colour varieties with white; except pointed patterns and chocolate and lilac, cinnamon and fawn
any amount of white is allowed, i.e. a white blaze, white locket, white chest, white on the belly, white on the paws, etc.
Faults General too small or too finely built
Head long and narrow, straight profile, too round head (Persian type)
Ears too large or too high set
Eyes round eyes
Legs too long or too thin
Tail too short tail
Coat too fine or silky, lying flat, lack of coat (except in summer)

Scale of Points Points
Total   100
Head general shape, shape of nose, cheeks and muzzle, jaw and teeth, forehead, chin 25
Ears size, shape, placement 10
Eyes shape and colour 10
Body shape, size, legs, shape of paws 20
Tail length and shape 5
Coat quality, texture, length 25
Condition   5

Recognized Colour Varieties
Remarks Siberian Cat is judged in one of the following colour variety groups, i.e. in each colour variety group a certificate can be awarded.
Colour EMS Code
Group I
Black/Blue SIB n/a
Group II
Black/Blue with white SIB n/a 01/02/03/09
Group III
Black/Blue agouti SIB n/a 22/23/24/25
Black/Blue golden SIB n/a y 11/12/22/23/24/25
Group IV
Black/Blue agouti with white SIB n/a 01/02/03/09 21/22/23/24/25
Black/Blue golden with white SIB n/a y 01/02/03/09 11/12/21/22/23/24/25
Group V
Red/Cream/Tortie solid/agouti SIB d/e/f/g
SIB d/e/f/g 22/23/24/25
Red/Cream/Tortie golden SIB d/e/f/g y 11/12/22/23/24/25
Group VI
Red/Cream/Tortie solid/agouti with white SIB d/e/f/g 01/02/03/09
SIB d/e/f/g 01/02/03/09 21/22/23/24/25
Red/Cream/Tortie golden with white SIB d/e/f/g y 01/02/03/09 11/12/21/22/23/24/25
Group VII
Black/Blue/Red/Cream smoke/silver SIB n/a/d/e s
SIB n/a/d/e s 11/12/22/23/24/25
Tortie smoke SIB f/g s
Tortie silver SIB f/g s 11/12/22/23/24/25
Group VIII
Black/Blue/Red/Cream smoke/silver with white SIB n/a/d/e s 01/02/03/09
SIB n/a/d/e s 01/02/03/09 11/12/21/22/23/24/25
Tortie smoke with white SIB f/g s 01/02/03/09
Tortie silver with white SIB f/g s 01/02/03/09 11/12/21/22/23/24/25
Group IX
White SIB w
with blue eyes  
with orange eyes  
odd eyed  
with green eyes  

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