Midnight Mabriga Siberians.

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Vesna sibirskaya`s vladimir.

                                                    We  welcome  Vladimir to us at Mabriga.



                                                                      Blue golden tabby spotted (SIB AY 24)

                                                                         Gode venner Baron og Vladimir.





                   TESTET FRI FOR FELV, FIV.

              PATELLA LUXATIE  TESTE  U.A.



We welcome Vladimir to us at Mabriga Thank you to his breeder Vesna sibirskaya for letting us having this very special boy.

Vladimir is a big friendly male his temper are wonderful just after some ours here with us he and Baron got to be very good friends.

His breeder vesna sibirskaya have Dan a very good job with him and I am so glad I went to her house to pick him up and had a look at her adder cats.

She has Wonderful   cats and a very nice home.  

And  we are looking very must for over to this breeder are coming to us in the summer 2011.

We will have a nice time.



Thank you   Esther for all your help.





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